Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Final Post

I was a little anxious when I first took course, because this is my first 400 level economics class. After had taken some classes, I still found some of the topics rather challenging to me, but very interesting. Risk and risk preference is one of the lesson I’ve never learnt in other classes. I think risk is a very important concept in economics, and I’m glad that I learnt some about it in this class.

Single loop and double loop learning is also fascinating to me, these models well domestrate how conflicts occurs within a team unintentionally. Through this I’ve also learnt about which model is better for learning, and what kind of manager should I look for when I look for a job after graduation.

Another concept I’ve learnt is transfer pricing. I’ve learnt about how demand and supply will affect market price, and transfer pricing, which is about pricing of goods and service transferring between the divisions of an enterprise, is a new field of pricing for me.

I think the blog posts are playing an important role of connecting daily life to economics concept we learn in this course, for example, we’ve wrote about conflicts, income risk, etc. All of these topics are very practical, and have led me bring theories and concepts about organization to everyday life. This process helps me to understand the course contents better.

The blogging usually take me about an hour, and the excel homework could take me up to a couple of hours when it’s challenging. I usually would read the relevant textbook chapters, and if there is a relevant video I would watch it. I would also do some additional research on topics when needed.

I think I would appreciate some more tutorial video on excel homework. The excel homework can be challenging for me some times, and I personally think the watching tutorial video is a great process of  improving self- learning skills while helps me to understand the home content better.


  1. Thanks for the comments. Making more tutorial videos is a good thought. But let me ask you a question about that. Did you want more videos on some homework with there already was a video? Or only on those where there was no video at all?

    I'm not clear on whether you are dual major or only talking a few upper level Econ classes. Will you be taking other 400-level Econ classes in the spring? Even if you will, I suspect they will be quite different from my class.

  2. It would be great to have turtorial videos on the homework with no video at all. There are already videos for some homework, and I found those helpful.
    I'm a dual major and I will be taking other 400 level classes this spring I think they will be different, one of the 400-level classes I will be taking is another 490 class with Prof Zhao.